Bejeweled Twist is a cyberdelic/science fantasy series and was the first Nicktoon.


Ej: The first character to be introduced. He has pyrokinesis, the power to start fires with his mind, but that does not mean he is psychic. He is also the smartest character.

Spongebob: One of Ej's friends. He has goldokinesis, a made up power which is used to turn his hand into a golden fist.

Patrick: Ej and Spongebob's friend. He has hydrokinesis, the ability to control water.

Gumball: Ej's friend. He has superhuman speed and he is a fan of F-Zero.

Darwin: Gumball's pet fish. He has toxikinesis and he is also a fan of F-Zero.

Anais: Gumball's sister. She has psychic powers, and she is also smart. She has a Daisy the Donkey doll.

Nicole: Gumball's mother. She is a workaholic and has superhuman strength than that of Gumball's.

Richard: Gumball's father. He is a stay-at-home dad and has invisibility.

XANA: A multiagency program determined to destroy the world.

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