These are the Bejeweled Twist and Zexal videogames.

Magnavox Odyssey 100 and 200-Bejeweled Twist Videogame

Fairchild Channel F-Ghosthunters

Unisonic Pong-No Game

Coleco Telstar-Tennis

Atari 2600-Molly's Plight

Magnavox Odyssey 2-Typovirus

Mattel Intellivision-Psyscream

GCE Vectrex-Flight Valence

Colecovision-Comic Editor

Atari 5200-The Moriudsart Strip

Nintendo Entertainment System-Beplois Prime

Atari 7800-Scrashuping

Sega Master System-Retrieval

Sega Genesis-To Pass the Midterms

NEC TurboGrafx-16-Rabbids Comidize

Philips CD-I-Barnaclecragit

SNK Neo-Geo AES-The Few and the Relentless

Super Nintendo Entertainment System-Snailark

Sega CD-Mutant Fridge Monsters Attack

Panasonic 3DO-The Accidental Misjudge

Atari Jaguar-Dinostrom

Sega 32X-Mutants Save Us All

SNK Neo-Geo CD-Molly's Revenge

Sega Saturn-KaiKao

Nintendo Virtual Boy-The Shadowed Cube

Sony Playstation-Whereone

Nintendo 64-Amy and her evil scheme

Sega Naomi-Obstacle Odyssey

Sega Dreamcast-The Full Story

Sony Playstation 2-Booktoweramit

Microsoft Xbox-Cory's Fine Protection

Nintendo GameCube-Heredare

Microsoft Xbox 360-Deadlocked

Sony Playstation 3-Robot Reboot

Nintendo Wii-Minigame Madness

Nintendo Wii U-Takedown of the Fridge Chart

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