Living in the NICK House is a fanfic that includes SpongeBob,iCarly,Catscratch,Rugrats,and many more!


Season 1Edit

Butch aang

Timmy's idea of what Aang could look like in The Last Airbender.

000000000000000001:Moving In

Plot:Let the crazy begin!


Plot:Gonard becomes a wrestler because of Sandy's new invention,The Wrestler-Becomer 170000.

0000000000000000003:Super Smash Freaks
Frida's car

Frida with her car.

Plot:GIR and Sokka gets obsessed with Super Smash Bros.Brawl,and when Kowalski's plans fail,could it be Julien to the rescue?
Nicktoons Roster improved

In one episode,GIR and Sokka plays SSBB:Nicktoon Edition.

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