The StoryEdit

In E-World a villain named Dark Ghoul has stolen the Elements of Ice,Grass,Water,Steel,Ground and Wind and gave them to his minions the olny elements that weren't stolen were Fire,Bone,Rock and Thunder, Gurados protector of the 9 Elements summoned Zim,Gaz,Sponge bob and Patrick,Gurados gives Zim the Fire patch,Gaz the Bone patch,Sponge bob the Rock patch and Patrick the Thunder, Together Zim,Gaz,Sponge bob and Patrick go find the the Elemental Crystals to combine the E-Crystal and defeat Dark Ghoul and his minions.

Zim's Transformations

Fire patch-Fire Zim

Fire crystal-Fire Bettle Zim

E-Crystal-E-Fire Zim

Gaz's Transformations

Bone patch-Bone Gaz

Bone Crystal-Skull Gaz

E-Crystal E-Bone Gaz

Sponge bob's Transformations

Rock patch- RockBob

Rock crystal-Super Rockbob

E-Crystal - E-Rockbob

Patrick's Transformations

Thunder patch-Lightning Patrick

Thunder crystal-Thuder Patrick

E-Crystal-E-Lightning Patrick.

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