Nicktoons Go! is the brand new series coming out on June 25, 2015. It will show returning and new heroes from before


Protagonists of Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4Edit ◾SpongeBob SquarePants/The N-Beast ◾Patrick Star/Star Jet ◾Sandy Cheeks ◾Jimmy Neutron ◾Sheen Estevez ◾Carl Wheezer ◾Cindy Vortex ◾Libby Folfax ◾Goddard ◾Timmy Turner ◾Cosmo ◾Wanda ◾Poof ◾Sparky ◾Danny Phantom ◾Sam Manson/Jungle Skull ◾Tucker Foley ◾Dani Phantom/Ghost ◾Tak ◾Invader Zim/Iron Irken ◾Gir ◾Dib/The Spy Riser ◾Skipper ◾Kowalski ◾Rico ◾Private ◾King Julian ◾Dudley Puppy ◾Kitty Katswell ◾El Tigre ◾Jenny XJ9 ◾Misty/Frenzy Blade ◾Tommy Pickles ◾Kimi ◾Otto Rocket ◾Reggie Rocket ◾Korra ◾Asami ◾Po ◾Tigress ◾Viper ◾Mantis ◾Monkey ◾Crane ◾Shifu ◾Leonardo ◾Donatello ◾Raphael ◾Michelangelo ◾April O'Neil ◾Bloom (Sirenix) ◾Aisha (Sirenix) ◾Stella (Believix) ◾Musa (Believix) ◾Flora (Enchantix) ◾Techna (Enchantix) ◾Frankie Stein ◾Draculaura ◾Clawdeen Wolf ◾B.O.B ◾Missing Link ◾Dr. Cockroach ◾Susan/Ginormica ◾Sanjay Patel ◾Craig the Snake

Protagonists of Season 5Edit ◾Danny Phantom ◾Sam Manson ◾Tucker Foley ◾Dani Phantom ◾Invader Zim ◾Gir ◾Dib ◾Jenny XJ9 ◾Misty ◾El Tigre ◾Frida Suarez ◾Zor ◾Skipper ◾Kowalski ◾Rico ◾Private ◾King Julian ◾Tommy Pickles ◾Kimi ◾Otto Rocket ◾Reggie Rocket ◾Leonardo ◾Donatello ◾Raphael ◾Michelangelo ◾April O'Neil ◾B.O.B ◾Missing Link ◾Dr. Cockroach ◾Susan/Ginormica ◾Sanjay Patel ◾Craig the Snake

Protagonists of Season 6Edit ◾SpongeBob SquarePants ◾Patrick Star ◾Sheen Estevez ◾Shmengal (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius) ◾Zor ◾Timmy Turner ◾Cosmo ◾Wanda ◾Poof ◾Danny Phantom ◾Sam Manson ◾Invader Zim ◾Gir ◾Korra ◾Jenny XJ9 ◾Zazz (After Episode 42: The Hero Holiday Funtime) ◾Zomom (After Episode 42: The Hero Holiday Funtime) ◾Zeena (After Episode 42: The Hero Holiday Funtime) ◾Bloom (Sirenix) ◾Aisha (Sirenix) ◾Stella (Believix) ◾Musa (Believix) ◾Flora (Enchantix) ◾Techna (Enchantix)

Anti-ProtogonistsEdit ◾Squidward Tentacle ◾Zix ◾Travoltron ◾Tee ◾Jorgan Von Strangle ◾Jazz Fenton ◾Lok ◾Gaz ◾Marlene ◾Fanboy ◾Chum-Chum ◾Keswick ◾Vega ◾Angelica Pickles ◾Reptar ◾Mutagen Man ◾The Rabbids ◾Casey Jones (Season 5) ◾Sta'abi (Season 5) ◾Vornicarn (Season 5) ◾Zavok (Season 5)

Antagonists (Series 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5)Edit ◾Professor Finbarr Calamtious (Main Antagonist of 1, 2, and 4) ◾Beautiful Gorgeous ◾Eustace Strych ◾Prof. Calamitous' Mother (Season 1, 2, and 4) ◾Evil Jimmy ◾Jimmy Negatron ◾Sheldon J. Plankton ◾Abrassive SpongeBob ◾Mr. Denzel Q. Crocker ◾Foop ◾Nicolia Technus ◾Vlad Plasmius ◾Skulker ◾Ember ◾Trayloc ◾Invader Tak ◾Mimi ◾Dr. Blowhole (Seasons 2 and 3) ◾The Red Squirrel (Season 2 and 3) ◾Hans (Season 2) ◾Snaptrap (Season 2) ◾The Chameleon (Season 2) ◾Bird Brain (Season 2) ◾Queen Vexus (Seasons 2 and 3) ◾Eddie Valentine (Season 2) ◾Amon (Seasons 2 and 3) ◾Tai Lung (Season 2 and 3) ◾Master Junji (Season 2) ◾Taotai (Season 2) ◾Temutai (Season 2) ◾The Shredder (Season 2) ◾Karai (Seasons 2 and 3) ◾The Kraang (Seasons 2, 3, and 5) ◾Kraang Prime (Seasons 2 and 5) ◾Icy (Season 2 and 3) ◾Stormy (Season 2 and 3) ◾Darcy (Season 2 and 3) ◾Coverton (Seasons 2 and 3) ◾Sqweep (Seasons 2 and 3) ◾Sta'abi (Seasons 2 and 3) ◾Vornicarn (Seasons 2 and 3) ◾Mr. Noodman (Season 2) ◾Zavok (Main Antagonist of Series 3 and 4) ◾Zazz (Season 3) (Formerly) ◾Zomom (Season 3) (Formerly) ◾Master Zik (Season 3 and 5) ◾Zeena (Season 3) (Formerly) ◾Zor (Season 3) (Formerly) ◾The E.X Robot Clan (Season 4) ◾The Aparoids (Series 5) ◾The Aparoid Queen (Season 5)


Season 1:Edit ◾Episode 1: Return of the Synicate ◾Episode 2: Neutron VS Negatron ◾Episode 3: Motherly Mayhem ◾Episode 4: Never Trust an Anti-Fairy ◾Episode 5: Return to Skull Shores ◾Episode 6: Farnum of a Mutant ◾Episode 7: Pranks For Nothing ◾Episode 8: The N-Factor ◾Episode 9: New Friends, New Monsters, and a Talking Snake ◾Episode 10: All of Nothing ◾Episode 11: The Undersea Temple ◾Episode 12: Rise of the Evil Guardians

Season 2:Edit ◾Episode 13: The Syndicate League ◾Episode 14: Aliens Vs Nicktoons ◾Episode 15: Trix Trouble ◾Episode 16: Race of Nicktropolis ◾Episode 17: Child's Play ◾Episode 18: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Season 3:Edit ◾Episode 19: A Deadly Entrance ◾Episode 20: The Day Nicktropolis Stood Still ◾Episode 21: The Lost Hex ◾Episode 22: A Conch of a Day ◾Episode 24: Nicktoons Vs The Deadly Six ◾Episode 23: Return of The Deadly Six ◾Episode 24: The Battle of the Lost Hex

Season 4:Edit ◾Episode 25: An Evil Robot Army ◾Episode 26: E.X to the Brig ◾Episode 27: The Nicktoons Break Up ◾Episode 28: An Evil Alliance ◾Episode 29: Danny, Jenny, Tigre, and Zim vs A Mystery Villain ◾Episode 30: Danny vs Zavok

Season 5:Edit ◾Episode 31: Zor Joins the Team ◾Episode 32: The Aparoid Trap ◾Episode 33: Misty vs Sta'abi ◾Episode 34: Townkus 4 ◾Episode 35: The Aparoid Menace ◾Episode 36: The Desert of The Knaaren ◾Episode 37: Nicktropolis Once Again ◾Episode 38: The Present for The Queen ◾Episode 39: The Aparoid World ◾Episode 40: The Final Battle: Nicktoons vs The Aparoid Queen

Season 6:Edit ◾Episode 41: Christmas Luck ◾Episode 42: The Hero Holiday Funtime ◾Episode 43: Bad gone to good ◾Episode 44: A Nicktoons Christmas

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