The Nickelodeon logo is seen with EJ and Gil next to it. A bear treads behind and it scares Gil. It is revealed to be Molly as she giggles, but EJ is not amused saying his trademark "That's not funny." Seen on Little Bears.

The Nickelodeon logo is seen with only Sonic next to it. Oona comes and asks why he gets more screen time and he answers that this is a show that concerns him. Seen on Sonic the Hedgehog: The Next Adventure.

The Nickelodeon logo is seen with Molly hypnotizing Patrick with EJ close to her. Nikki, the mother of Ikaika, appears and says "Now I told you not to hypnotize anyone. It's dumb. But no, no, no, no, no, you never listen to me." This makes EJ infuriated. Seen on Molly Moon; The Incredible Hypnotist.

The Nickelodeon logo is seen with EJ and Patrick in plastic balls. EJ asks Patrick what they were intending on doing in them, but Patrick says he forgot. Seen on Super Monkey Ball: The Series.

The Nickelodeon logo is seen with Hatsune, Luka, Len, Rin, Kaito and Meiko. Rin sings "Tada!!!!" and Hatsune pushes Rin and sings it as well. Len does the same, causing the Vocaloids to attack each other and Len pushes them all back and sings "Tada!" Luka sings it, causing him to become annoyed. Seen on Mikuopolis.

The Nickelodeon logo is seen with all members of Club Newbird. A rabbid appears and sprinkles his tail at Mimi. He then sprinkles something at Spongebob. He laughs but the club members are not amused. Seen on Chimera.

The Nickelodeon logo is next to a tree, Ratchet, Clank and Qwark. Qwark tries to cut down the tree with a chainsaw and a bear falls on him causing Ratchet and Clank to walk back. Seen on Ratchet and Clank.

The Nickelodeon logo is seen with Molly and Gil next to it. A rope appears in the "E" and Gil pulls it. As soon as he pulls it, bananas fall on Molly. This causes her to enter a silent fury similar to that of Carrie as she telekinetically levitates the bananas, throws them at Gil and laughs maniacally. Seen on Bubble Guppies Superheroes.

The Nickelodeon logo is seen with Spyro and Bianca. Bianca then makes the logo disappear. She and Spyro then nervously leave. Seen on Spyro the Dragon.

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