The X Jet is a vehicle the Super Wattersons use to fly to faraway places.

The Seating Chart

Ej: Presenting the X Jet!

Darwin: Let's go.

Ej: Up, up, up. Oldest to youngest. Age?

Nicole and Richard: Late 40's!

Nicole: Jinx!

Spongebob and Patrick: 13!

Patrick: Jinx!

Gumball: 12.

Ej: 11.

Darwin: 10.

Anais: 4.

Ej: Nicole drives, Richard's behind her, Spongebob's behind him, Patrick's behind him, Gumball's behind him, I'm behind him, Darwin's behind me, and Anais is behind him. Wow, two jinxes in a row. Let's go.

Nicole: Next Stop: France.

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